Ways to lose rep without getting criminal notice?

how do i lose good rep without getting a criminal notice?

if i do a bad thing like break a window, delete my fine, then surrender, i lose rep but i get +1 criminal notice. any way to lose rep without getting a criminal notice?

or better yet, without having to turn yourself in? for example, in the older version, hitting people made u lost 5 rep. i found that as a very useful way to keep my rep balance at neutral.

Kill a random citizen and surrender immediately (30 sec jailtime, no record). If your rep goes above Protector, you can keep opening private storage until you are Friendly then kill a citizen (you get a little longer jail time though).

You can open private storage for -100 rep per chest and pay the fine.
Also I’m not exactly sure how that works but try to not open 10 chests and pay the fine as visibly at some point the fine becomes a criminal notice instantly. Stop before going past neutral or private storage will give you a bounty immediately as I know.

Oh wait for going past neutral? I was only thinking about how to fight the exiled, which means that friendly would be enough

alright will try both out

i took 3 chests to get friendly, then i killed someone and immediately surrendered. but i still got a criminal record. there was already a threat from someone else though, idk if that made it happen. i got labelled as a threat accomplice


Oh, I forgot to mention. You don’t surrender from the notice. You surrender with the big surrender button.

oh that makes sense im dumb