We lost someone today 😔

jubilee is gone :pensive:

the memes were good while they lasted


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Dayum bruh I better get 800 topics when I get p banned too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Nope, only 799 :smiling_imp:

I mean if somehow there were to be even one that’s a W so

you won’t be p banned

if you do I will start a riot

I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you, I already got a silent ban from a discord server for pretty much just criticizing the staff and dev team too much (wasn’t the actual reason, but there wasn’t really a good one provided[plus in that server they ignored their own point system to ban me lmao])


skill issue mods try not to ban someone by how they feel rather than what rules they broke (impossible) (police were called) (gone wrong)


where/when was jubilee banned?

No clue lol

Since mimhere basically said mods are internet janitors. I shall now call them jannies.


This is why. Fuck Jannies and Fuck Juice - YouTube

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careful, we don’t want this blowing up like the last one

It won’t. Everyones waiting to hear nights amazing response

still waiting on it lmao

I’m not provoking any mods though, I don’t need a ban hammer in my life

We salute :saluting_face: