Weapon Arts and Magic Weapons

Below will be some concepts for Weapon skills and arts as well as Ideas for Magic weapons and a Boss drop replacement Idea.

Weapon Arts
Weapon arts will allow for a change in weapon skills and change based on the level of the character. Not to mention exclusive arts for specific Magics For example:

Storm Herald Art(Requires Lightning or Wind Magic or Lost Magic variations)

Infernal Tempest Skill Level 100: launches mini tornado that inflicts bleed towards the target taking up magic energy and stamina

Flashing Strikes Skill Level 150: Dash towards the target doing slashes that inflict bleed. How many slashes are done depends on the level in 20 level increments starting at 3 from learning the skill. Taking up Loads of stamina and reduces stamina regen by 25%

Holy Thunder Blade Skill Level 275: Summon a small lightning cloud and enter a cutscene with the player dashing towards the target slashing then proceeding to walk away while the target is struck by lightning how many times dealing damage each time depending on the level of the player. Uses up lots of stamina and Magic energy

Blazing Spear Art (Requires a version of Fire or Plasma Magic or Lost Magic Variations)

Flaming Dash Level 100: User will rush forwards with their spear leaving burning skidmarks in their wake and inflicting damage bleed and burning effect with the cost of a buttload of stamina use

Phoenix Strikes Level 150: User performs a flurry of spear jabs setting their opponent alight with their rage using all of their stamina. How many strikes performed depends on agility stat and stamina

Blazing Heavens Soul Strike Level 250: User enters a cutscene using wings of flame to launch themselves into the air. Once in the air, they will wreath their spear in flames in the shape of a Phoenix and launches it at their opponent and upon hitting the ground it will create a massive pillar of flames performing and will apply the Scorched Charred and Burning effect stacked. This is at the cost of 50% your maximum HP and applying the burning effect to yourself

Titanium/Platinum Fists Art (Requires a version of Iron or Gold Magic or Lost Magic Variations)

Titanium Tiger(Iron)/Platinum Phesant(Gold) Level 100: Users fists temporarily become enchanted in a silver glow and enter a barrage ending in a kick to the ground causing massive damage at the cost of high stamina cost and 15% slower stamina regen

Silver Sabers(Iron)/Adamantine Arrows(Gold) Level 150:
User will spawn floating Silver swords or arrows and launch them at a blazing speed towards the target causing bleed at a cost of high magic cost and medium stamina cost decreasing magic regen by 20% and stamina regen by 10%. The number of swords/arrows will increase depending on level.

Pure Metal Prowess(Iron)/Pure Metal Power(Gold) Level 250: User will enter a cutscene and enter a physical(Iron)/magic(Gold) combo ending with impaling their target on a massive metal sword/obelisk. This will take all of the users’ stamina or magic energy and decrease its regen by 50%.

Ashen/Poison Wrath Art (Requires a version of Poison or Ash Magic or Lost Magic Variations)

Ashen/Poison Terror Level 100: User creates a Massive Cloud of Ash/Poison and Disappears into it attacking their target from the Haze causing bleed while doing suffocation/poison damage. It takes up a lot of Magic Energy as well as is easily dispersible by wind magic.


Magic Weapons will work as accordingly

Magic Weapons

Magic weapons will modify the spell based on the weapon used. For example, a Magic sword (Possible Oath Replacement for AO) will turn blasts into slashes of that particular magic, and for self explosions will perform a magic Great Slash applying if the damage enough is done that magics effect and bleed.

Another possible Item is a Magic Axe as a replacement for Vasteria (Refurbished so it can fit in lore-wise with the Mino finding the axe). It will perform if attached to a self explosion spell it will do a smash attack unleashing a larger self explosion and is throwable doing better damage than a single blast and applying the effect if the damage is done.
These skills will be modified for the magic weapon used in combat.

I already suggested something along similar lines a few months ago

May I see your work?

now this is a good suggestion, ill wait for @AnUnnamedBoi to respond with the link to their suggestion before i vote tho

Magic weapons will exist as a form of magic amplifier or something like that.

Yeah also changing the way that they look

Earth imbued sword: Stone on a stick

it might be deleted due to it being an old suggestion

ight im voting for this one then

Phoenix magic is going to exist so this is the one thing I feel like calling out.

Other than that, very good suggest yes.


Can we make the arts not magic locked (I don’t like fire being a spear).

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I mean sure theoretically each magic will have a spear sword and dagger fighting style

Ngl last thing we want is Blazing spear+Magma+Gold

This sounds like the magic weapons that got removed in arcane adventures.

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