[Weapon idea idk] 2-Handed cannon as a "Gun"

A 2-handed cannon, smaller than the cannons you’d see on a ship, enough to fill both hands of a roblox avatar. Has punishable startup and endlag, and uses custom cannonballs and/or smaller ammunition in a chaotic shotgun spread. Causes self-knockback when fired (could be a movement tool aswell?)
Could have the properties of a metal/earth blast attack.
How to obtain: Smugglers/Wanted sellers/Negative rep pirate npcs(?)/Boss drop/Rare deep sea fishing loot. The projectiles fired by this weapon could: Have metal properties/Have earth properties/A small chance of inflicting soaking/Have explosive properties. [None of these properties are together] Damage: Medium-High

cannon fist in nutshell

well maybe not

Ehhh I’d probably have it use non elemental damage and maybe implement arcanium canon balls that deal one of your magic types. That’s just my two cents though.

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So basically a handheld swivel gun?

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That seems fitting in a way for balance. Maybe arcanium cannon balls would be significantly weaker than regular cannonball ammo, but have their damage boosted by the magic stat a bit while having the elemental damage imbued.

Yeah. In a nuthsell.

if we’re getting a 2-handed gun it better be a gatling gun

cannon fist manifested to a weapon