Weapon only

My friend beat the min with only crap weapons and the hero story with it no spells used in this challenge.

Next up exiled

Btw he was only lvl 70

I’m thinking about fighting Exiled without using any special moves or ranged weapons. It is possible. Might use a dagger or smth too cause why not :fr:

Oh forgot to tel he didn’t use special abilities

what weapons did he use

A club and bow

He wanted this

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Ultimately this isn’t that hard, but what would actually make it a challenge is with minimal deaths, hell even deathless if you dare…

He died 1 time

Also he really only used a bow

How do I know that’s true

I was there watching

“Trust me bro” isn’t very persuasive

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Bruh whatever he did idk why I would lie about this

But I KNow he did min but it took 30mins AHAHAH

To get internet points idk man people are really desperate out there for virtual updoots, more than you’d think.

Oh dam but dude I am not Lieing but you do bring a good point I guess that’s why you have your suspicions

I mean if you count the time he was 5 hp I guess 2 death’s