Weather Idea: Water Spouts and Hailstorms

Here is my concepts for an Extreme Weather Ideas: Water Spouts Hailstorms and Extreme Weather Rewards

Water spouts are an intense columnar vortex that occurs over a body of water. This means that they are essentially Sea tornado. However my idea for the are different.
Water Spouts will not only lift boats into the air but apply the Soaked Status effect and physically remove players from the boat itself making it very dangerous because you could be flung very far from your boat and have to swim or find a way back before Sharks catch up to you.

Hailstoms will have 3 levels of intensity first of these is Sleet which will apply both the soaked effect and lower your temperature. Next is the small hail which will cause the player to have the freezing effect and begin taking small amounts of damage. Finally is Large Hail which will not only damage players but ships as well in small increments and small ice sheets are created on the water.

The best part about these is the rewards for surviving them with the hailstorm there is a chance to receive an exclusive weapon from the storm itself as well as the Water Spout as a reward for your extreme stupidity or bravery. I would also implement this with other weathers like Thunderstorms and Blizzards crafting a high risk high reward situation and due to it having a low drop chance randomly every 20 seconds while you are in the storm makes it rare. for Surviving each storm and getting each Item fro them will grant you access to the Storm Lost Magic

i already encountered a tornado, gimme slash majik

Why would surviving a natural storm give you lost magic? seems dumb. the concept overall is cool, but why to give items, it should just be a thing that happens

You have to survive the harshest of every storm not just one it would be stupid do do just one. This means you have to enter a tornado and survive enter an intense whirlpool and survive get struck by lightning srivive a white out blizzard etc. before you can get the magic

You would be seeking out the storms to get the magic putting you in harms way. You will eventually begin to understand the storms and attune your magic to them learning eventually Storm Magic. The drop rates for the items are also low. Consider it akin to stumbling across a frozen body in a suit of Armor during a snow storm

What I’m saying is that’s it’s dumb, why would surviving a harsh hailstorm or thunderstorm or whatever gives you the magic that corresponds with it

Not just a harsh hail storm but all storms in the game and the litteral most intense of them not to mention getting struck by lightning which is a chore in itself. Your not surviving one storm your surviving them all

As a result of collecting all of the items you will have braved some of the worst the seas have to offer. You either sought out the storm or they came to you of their own accord. Storm Magic does not correspond with and specific weather you are harnessing the will of the storms themselves binding it to your fate and unleashing its terrifying energy.

Yea but 1. it still doesn’t make sense, and 2. why would surviving harsh weather give you a magic. the weather idea isn’t horrible its just the idea of surviving a harsh storm and getting a fricking lost magic, and it could probably get easily cheesed by getting a full defense set anyway.

How does it not make sense?
As stated before your not surviving just one storm at all.

You are survivng every storm in the game.

Collecting the item which has a rare chance of dropping from that specific severe storm.

Collecting all of the Items. Getting struck by lightning. then you get the magic

You can attempt to cheese it with a High defense set but if you have ever met a Tornado in WoM you know since they are getting even harsher you most likely wont survive unless you activate a defense mode. Keep in mind you will have to stay in that storm and collect the item from it due to how it drops

So yeah I would say its a bit more complex than “surviving a harsh storm and getting a fricking lost magic”

it still seems too easy to get a lost magic, even if it is much more difficult to survive than a tornado it still seems a bit too easy, and depending on how common or rare it is, it could be easily farmable and storm magic will become the most common lost magic type.

Keep in mind however that you will need to obtain spells specific to that Magic in order to use it which means guess what you are going back into the storms again.

So yeah it will be common like how lightning is common (Nice fellow lightning user). No matter what way it does go there will be common lost magics although very rare. Keep in mind this is the most intense of every storm so there is a possibility of you having to go to certain locations important to plot that may not be in that update and the wide variety of weather of varying intensity.

I did this idea because it feels really weird getting a lost magic scroll for Mud in the middle of a desert island where it shouldn’t exist. In order to get this magic you have to explore your environment and learn about each storm personally.

Now I understand, this could be interesting and a pretty unique way to get a lost magic, I just don’t think that you specified it that well on the suggestion, so now I suggest to you to close the suggestion and make a new one, perhaps something like you said and include stuff like to get pressure magic, you would have to dive deep into a certain part of the ocean or something like that, or climb a really tall mountain to get phoenix or slash or something.
Of course would be randomly spawning.

Water spouts are no joke :flushed:

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