Weird stuff happening after name change

as the title says, when I go to my settings/preferences, I only get this message.

what is happening?

wait what hold on now I can’t see my profile card

i fixed it nvm

what was your old name?

@Dual_Liquid was @sandal

Why would you change your name :frcryin:

no idea.


sandal was a better name :frcryin:

why was it better

klamp deez nuts in yo mouth

that’s gotta hurt (for you)

sandal is better, sandal makes u sound wise, and sandal is just a better name then klamp, also sandal, is a sandal, and sandals r cool, not rly but thats besides the point.

sandal is funny
klamp sounds klampy

thought it was just for discord
also please for the love of god settle on one profile pic

tomorrow it’s gonna be rush :smiling_imp:

sandal better

sandal better

dam, im blind

Well @Dual_Liquid from the Arcane Odyssey Forums run by Vetexgames, the creator of hit ROBLOX platform games World of Magic and Arcane Adventures and current developer of Arcane Odyssey where is the Rush from viral ROBLOX horror game doors created by developer LSPLASH from the ROBLOX website :angry: