Welcome to maku10000's shop!

1 swift exiled legs (50)
1 keen exiled legs (50)
1 swift exiled legs (60)
1 clean exiled armor (80)
1 bursting minotaur boots(50)
1 clean minotaur legs (70)
1 clean minotaur armor (60)
2 clean minotaur armor (70)
1 clean minotaur armor (80)
1 Swift minotour Armor (80)
3 clean minotaur helmet (70)
1 clean minotaur helmet (90)
dm me Calico cat#6098

Dude can you chill with the posts?
You’ve sent this like 10 times today.

so have you tho

plus i have cooldown now

I don’t think calico realizes that DoubleRun’s shop doesn’t close after 2 days (it’s a permanent shop and the fact that it keeps appearing on top is because of the customers flocking)

Same case for me but I’m a smaller shop than he is and I don’t trade sunkens

thing is he had made the post back in september and thats when the bosses came out so that was when it was packed

Are you not in vetex’s discord? You can just go there instead of us having to add you in discord. By that I mean search you in discord since we can search your username since you’re in a mutual server.

Not everyone is in Vetex’s discord, I’m not in it

dont worry guys, from now on i will only post when necessary

I’m saying it’s easier for some people if he was in vetex’s discord. I’m not saying it’s some requirement lol.

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