Welcome to the Seekers of the Oppressed Sun!

The Seekers of the Oppressed Sun is a clan in Arcane Odyssey led by Dawn Banks/Hilmy.

Our guild is a medium sized, friendly community, where you can chat, trade, play, hang out, find new friends, and other things. We also have a Discord Server, Roblox Group, as well as a Guild Hall game made in Roblox Studio.

(more in-depth lore can be found in a doc in our discord server)
Our goal is to find the fabled Oppressed Sun Curse, which is said to have been born during the death of a man by the name of Denzel Banks. He was able to mutate a new, powerful form of magic by combining his own Sun Magic with a unique type of Shadow Magic. Due to his immense power, some believe that upon his death a new type of Sea Curse was born.


Our Discord Server - https://discord.gg/nb8TsT2
Owner’s Profile - Profile - Roblox
Our Group - Seekers of the Oppressed Sun - Roblox
Guild Hall - Seekers of the Oppressed Sun Guild Hall - Roblox

Interesting lore! i had a similar lore in mind but it was a moon related magic.


and thank you uwu

very nice guild, but humans can’t create sea curses, Prometheus created every Sea Curse that exists as far as I know.

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