Welcome to World Of Killing!

Well done Vetex, thanks to infamy, you can’t go 5 steps without someone attacking you. This game has practically become nothing but spawn killing and hacking thanks to infamy, the leaderboard has become flooded with alt farmed guilds, this game used to be fun and chill and now I can’t even fish without a random attacking me, please just fix this.

man, it do be like that tho

you know what imma log off of this forum never post again and never play WoM again later

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Welcome to World Of Killing my Laptop ffs.

I really hope TGR does a good job at fixing the lag.

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World of Needless Murder time!!
Seriously though, why is pvp the only way to get infamy?
Moreso, why is random killing level 45s the only viable way to get infamy?
Its like how titles are only planned to be given for community events but we have level 60 NPC minibosses walking around with them that anybody whose played for a few hours could stomp.

I think Apocalypse Rising is a much better “World of killing” game, because it’s the main purpose of the game which is to survive from people (and a bit of zombies). World of Magic on the other hand, doesn’t fit with the PvP survival game genre.

yeah i do feel bad for the people i killed
even though i don’t RK much

If you want to avoid people go to places where they won’t be. Probably along the East to South coast