Welpidity Welp Welp, I Drew My WoM Character

Still not good with the shading stuffs.

Got no time to get in the game to take a pic so i’ll just use some previous pics to compare.
RobloxScreenShot20210131_030922807 (2)

These are just practices so that I can make better Minotaur x Exiled fanart (ΦωΦ)


In case of an emergency, I got some bleach, who wants some?

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Hey now, I’m still not ready to make Minotaur x Exiled fanart again. There’s no need for bleach (ΦзΦ)


Can’t hurt to prepare, plus I’ve got a couple thousand extra so it can’t hurt to share some

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The blossom petals make it look like the hat is blushing


Whoah what, you’re actually right LMAO


For a Rising Mist bandit, Sam looks pretty down to earth.

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apply for artist so even more people can see the minoxiled stuff

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god… please let it be deleted as soon it’s posted…

It’s pretty good.

That last picture of that bandit scared me though.

it already exists :sleeper:

This is a cruel world…

Yoooooo, its the charred paper user who killed me while I was trying to kill exiled hehe.

No I didn’t (ΦзΦ)