What are some good guilds for PVP?

I dont really pvp that much, and would really like to get better at it. I’m mainly looking for dark guilds.

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Dark/Light guilds were scrapped, you wanna roleplay?

As the guy above me has said dark/light guilds have been scrapped so I’ll just list all the guilds off the top of my head that I think are a good environment for pvp:

Roselight Guardians
Noble Phantasm
Spellbreakers (shameless self advert ik :pensive:)

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Suncry, Golden Familia, don’t know if you want to count bully squad, the rest of the guilds aren’t as pvp focused. I’ll argue any point.

What Keeper said but deduct Bully Squad, it’s just a group of friends hosting raids.

Suncry sounds great, what are the requirements to get in?

Had no idea they were scrapped, but thanks

Ask ConnorDares…? Idk

Wdym they were scrapped? and where did you get that info? Does it mean all guilds will be for every rep?

lol yes noob