What are some PVP additions that you people would like to have?

This is just something I’m curious about since I’ve seen people finding the pvp janky or somewhat boring. Anyways,tell me some of your pvp additions and ideas you all would like.

This is obvious but make PvP not cilent sided.


lesser regenration when fighting in the arenas

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More stamina, bc you are always running out from blocking and running

You will get more stamina from levelling up.

Stamina consumption scales with max for whatever odd reason

It’s so that people don’t go brrrrrrr I can run forever! !!!

I know, but it’s linearly instead of exponentially so that you don’t get any increase to your practical stamina max at all.

It’s (7 + 0.05xlevel) stamina per second. And since you get 2 extra stamina per level, you run time in seconds on level X is (100+2x)/(7+0.05x) which is not linear, but not a steep curve either. It is increasing rather slowly at higher levels.

Yup, after Lv180-340 the increase in stamina becomes meaningless