What are some stuff to do after max level?

After hitting level 60 im kinda lost and i have no idea of what i should or i am supposed to do.
Can i have some idea’s?

Get good equipment with the enchants you want

Kill people causing threats in towns if you want to help other players, kill npcs in towns if you wanna be annoying. Also you could explore parts of the map you haven’t yet.

beat the shit out of everyone

Keep grinding for good equipment

Grind for a good equipment.

Rotate the map searching for minibosses to get 61+ gear, grind out gear upgrades and enchants, kill players for that sweet sweet PK stat, nuke ironport with the boys, kill quest npcs just cause you can, topple the Silent Tower, join a guild and do organized pvp stuff

PVP, hunt players down and destroy
see how many player kills you can get, its pretty fun once you get used to it

Get good gear and pvp

Just do chest runs and stuff and practice getting better at PvP

As a level 60, I find it fun to do PvP and kill bandits/dark wizards for fun.

You can explore the map, you’ll find many unique structures and landmarks in the Wilderness or alternatively, you can make the land a living hell and terrorize the villages and destroy the Silent Tower.