What Are The Worst Trade Requests You Have Ever Gotten?

Please Send Screenshots Too, This Ought Be Fun

bad trade 9

Some other bad trades:
bad trade 1
bad trade 2
bad trade 3
bad trade 4
bad trade 5
bad trade 6
bad trade 7
bad trade 8
bad trade 10

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I think I’ve seen that person not too long ago, if I happen to see them I’ll kill them for you

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The untie person is sped

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not as bad as some but still lowball

Not cropped :face_vomiting:

honestly imo i would do that trade since i have no sense of trade values

Yoshiko Salore is very persistent

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I think ive gotten trades from yoshiko before, dont have any trade images from them but one time he tried offering 1.4k crowns for a clean oathkeeper and clean woj

no screenshot but someone tried to convince me in PMs that I should give him my Halloween accessory for free because if I didn’t he would make his guild gank me (he had like 3 level 60 people in his part lmao)

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You could have said how about a 1v1?, kill him, play a different game / new server

damnit that’s a good idea

I just ignored him

It’s about ego. If you win a 1v1 and log safely you hurt their ego

ive had people try and pay like 200 crowns for my headless


What I was just saying about if you win a 1v1 and log it will hurt their ego

I Mean This Is What I Do Too

Ah I would do it also but I don’t play wom anymore
But I am considering coming back until my clan reforms

“But I am considering coming back until my clan reforms”?

Did I Read It Right?

Why did you quote it :moyai: now elment is going to clown me

Why Not?