What are things you hope you'll be able to make for clan building?

i hope vetex makes trapdoors so i can build a cage over a harvest island whirlpool and trap my enemies inside and hold them for execution by drowning

better yet if instead of a trapdoor its a chain that lowers comically slowly so i can dip them into the whirlpool like lava


That would be EPIC

who was the maindenless opp to flag my post

what was the po- IS THAT THE BLACK SILENCE

to add on to this why don’t we trap the whirlpool so they physically can’t escape, also we add sharks and sea monsters too

if only you could spawn sharks and sea monsters :pensive:

we need potion dispensers so i can load one with t5 gilded blood greatburst potions (it will spawn white eyes)

t5 gilded greatburst is a 100% white eyes spawn???