What are your Arcane Odyssey files alignments?

Firstly, I know you people like giving your characters you made in an online lego game personalities, and secondly, I know you people understand the concept of the Alignment chart, so what are your file’s moral alignments?
This does not have to align with what your reputation will be in game.

File One

[Name] [Crest or Frost]
Alignment - Neutral good

File Two

[I forgot this files name]
Alignment - Lawful Neutral

File Three

Dulzura [Name]
Neutral or Chaotic Evil

I only have one file and it’s chaotic evil. WoM was designed around murdering absolutely everyone and dealing with the consequences later. Anyone that plays differently is boring.


absolutely, isn’t that the main appeal? That you can murder and destroy everyone and everything?

True i agree

so evil… as it should be :smiling_imp:

in AA i tried to be good, but then i accidentally managed to get chaotic so i tried to stay that way. the highest bounty i managed to get was llike 2.5 million by killing trigno i believe

File 1: Ace Grey - Neutral Good
File 2: Eso (or similar) Grey - True Neutral
File 3: Ace Grey - Neutral Good (yes, two similar files. This one’s savant tho)
File 4: Fredrick ??? - Lawful Good
File 5: Agatha ??? - Chaotic Good
File 6: Zenith (or similar) ??? - Lawful Neutral

no to both of those things

Main will probably be neutral good

Second probably chaotic good or chaotic evil

File 1: Charles Calvin
Alignment: Chaotic Good

File 2: Cameron Calvin
Alignment: Neutral Good

File 3: Chad Marshall
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

File 4: Pearl Silver
Alignment: Lawful Evil

File 5: Basil Silver
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

File 6: Calvin Cutlass
Alignment: True Neutral

all of my files are just the same person but build swapped, so just probably lawful neutral for all of them

Whats your obsession with the name calvin

as a last name (that won’t be added to ao) it was a tribu tree to Charles Calvin from the henry stick in collection but i put characters from the same family with that as a last name. as a first name it’s the name of my oc Camreeyan (the guy in my pfp and as my roblox avatar)

Slot 1: Joseph Clay, Lightning Magic user and my main file, I do good things with this file as I like being a good person buuuuuuut, this character feels bad
Slot 2: John Water, Plasma Magic user, Evil stuff 1.0 was made as just a way of having a plasma magic user
Slot 3: Bridget Crest, Moonlight Magic user, Evil stuff 2.0, Was made as an actual evil character and I very much enjoy the character and fun of just being a evil brat. also I wanted Light magic.

Might use John water as a neutral force in the new update to see the neutral storyline.

slot 1 agnes stone, water magic user and 2nd file i will use
i kill people and get money
slot 2, explosion guy
he kills people and saves people for drops
slot 3 poison woman
idk what the fuck this woman does anymore

my slots are probably either true neutral or chaotic neutral

Well I don’t know for Arcane Odyssey since the game isn’t out but my main file will likely be Chaotic Good.

For my WoM files though

First File: Raven

Gender: Male
Magic: Lightning
Hometown: Ironport
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Reason for Alignment: Raven likes helping people out but doesn’t enjoy listening to rules. He also enjoys a more laid back life and fishing. He believes what the Magic Council does is wrong and racist towards non-magic users.

Second File: Emily

Gender: Female
Magic: Water
Hometown: Riverville
Alignment: Lawful Good
Reason for Alignment: Emily likes a quaint life on the farm. She’ll listen to the rules and loves helping people out. She never lies and hates to fight.

Third File: Floyd

Gender: Male
Magic: Ash
Hometown: Riverville
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Reason for Alignment: Floyd grew up in a harder part of town. He thirsts for power to make those who hurt him feel pain. He joined the Magic Council as an easy way to rise to power and dominate the weaker non-magic users.

Maple Storm: Chaotic chaotic
Undecided: Neutral evil
Undecided: Chaotic neutral

Maple Storm: Chaotic Neutral. Chaotic Chaotic no exist