What are your thoughts on criminal record?

I just wanted to know most of the community’s reaction to this change and see what each and everyone thinks of.

If this happens to be a topic already then I’m extremely sorry

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not so bad unless you really wanna cause alot of threats and unable to go back into a good rep for like a long time

atm im a demon (currently at -7000) with 1 criminal record only

The way Vetex implemented it was genius.

It serves its purpose of stopping people from switching sides so often, while also adding immersion and realism into the game.

Although I was complaining about it at first, it’s not that bad, since I can just stay at villain level with no bounty to access

And im chilling at near legendary hero status…gotta get there

at 4215 rn ;-;

I really REALLY hate the criminal record, its too damn hard to get rid of the criminal records, ive been unable to do the storyline because im stuck as a bad rep with 13 criminal records
I do think that its a good thing but to get rid of them is just too hard, 2 hours per criminal record? it should be 30 minutes!

oof that’s depressing. Maybe there should be some reforming program the MC has for criminals that require you to do multiple different jobs for the scouts/commissioners. Each one is fairly long (with trackers) but only takes a maximum of 10 minutes each and gets rid of one criminal record.

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I think need to add other way to clear criminal record bc 2 hours in game for 1 notice,vetex u srsly?add at least to pay crowns to clear criminal notices,like 100-200 crowns for one,and need to pay at commisioners or captain in tower

Um how??? I’m standing at 95 right now with -4000

Criminal record points go away way too slowly.
You gain 1 every time a soldier group spawns on you, this can happen a dozen times after one threat even after you leave.
That’s 24 hours

100 criminal records be like

I do not cause threats in towns everytime, or be in part of the threat in the town when theres the main threat. The way it does that is it spawns soldiers on you. The same thing comes from when you dont surrender.

Either remove it or let people get rep way faster. The system is too harsh and really annoying if you commit any crimes.

i already have 38 criminal actions
i ain’t coming down

number can go up?
number will go up

bruh wut…