What are your thoughts on this "rant?" Ao video?

i recently found the only video that criticizes ao
pretty interesting I’d say

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bruh :moyai:
there is so many things wrong with this video

like who tf thinks people are overhyped for a game that has been in dev for over 3 years, UI, sharks, whirpools and many other more, and asset copying?

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4 paragraph criticisms incoming


man really just did first expectations, he needs to be in vetcord, look at the trello, check vetex twitter and look at magic skill revamps and weapon skills

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And dont forget about storyline and cutscenes with climbing revamp, boat ui and sidequests with bosses

yea, overall my opinion is that hes just crying because his one piece game got discontinued

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LMAO, imagine all the GPO and blox fruits kids coming over to AO, complaining about no fruits or races


Incredibly as a gpo player i usually see the community calling gpo the Ea version of Aa

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pfft, pfft BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT, i swear they are gonna roleplay as some sort of shitty one piece character , like if theres one with a fire curse and is named ace, i would just make a entire magma file to bully them because of how they think of a game they never seen before.

He is correct though, in one aspect: not much people really like vetex as a game dev

Yes, he makes great games, but his dedication is more… uh… questionable. over 80% of vetex’s projects are canceled within a month and released games tend to run out of updates in mere months or even weeks.

I mean their either broken because of robloxs new updates or just die

but im still laughing on how he does not have his one piece game anymore

no, he loses motivation fast imo, in fact.
It was perfectly reasonable that he could have repaired the code for AA within a month or 2, but it was also perfectly reasonable to move on to other things.
There was multiple scrapped games and plans that was created and/or within those years between AA and WoM. Some of these games had full trellos for them even (Create a Magic was meant to be an expansive game as well, with a different title. Trello was filled out with ideas and everything. He released the game and gave up on that within a month but at least it was what WoM was based off of.

guy in video never said he took assets from others tho?


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time to witch hunt a random person who made a rant on a lego game :blush:


some of what he says are true, sure, for example wom not getting a large player count
however i feel like he could’ve done more research than just assuming vetex quit developing aa just because
video feels very unpolished, most of the reasons are just “he just copied assets” or “there was not much commitment” or “it didn’t appeal to most”, there were certainly more factors

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