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right now? god no.

later down the line when we have many more levels to acquire? sure, maybe. haven’t played that yet :smiley:

honestly I just want the grind to be faster

skill issue, and gonna be fixed in the next update. shit would go down if you weren’t locked into the build.

idk if it’s because i’ve played too many shit roblox bandit beaters, but the “grind” was fucking awesome, because it firstly just didn’t feel like grinding, and also it was pretty damn fast.


I mean true u can max out a slot in like a week or less but after beating the storyline reaching the level gaps are kinda annoying when your just trying to max out a build

in a fucking week? i maxxed out my slot in 2 days. and that was with still enjoying the game and waiting for my brother to be able to play for the day.


Yea drop rates for bosses are a little bit iffy, if the level cap is raised then there will be no point in farming those bosses whatsoever, since it will literally take longer to farm them for their level specific drops than to just level up and get the new boss’ stuff.

actually doing the save run where i made a rule for myself which is “ignore the Story + Don’t kill anyone” and basically. this.

the islands exploration REALLY GIVE SO LITTLE EXP (i had to get to several islands, luckily it was enough to get myself to lv10). I also tried doing another way like catching fish but theres a chance that they don’t give exp at all since “you already caught that type of fish”. Haven’t tried cargo runs yet due to being locked from sailboat, however while exploring i got some explosive barrels which gave me a very little exp (15 exp each)

it’s understandable that “Exploration tasks” are more orientired to end-game people. but this still sucks for people who are currently running a non-maxed account/first run players.

  • PvP is bound to balance out over time, if the Balance Changes proposed for v1.12 are anything to go off of. We’re hardly a month into the game and soon to receive a balance patch larger than most other games would get per year. As more levels become available and outliers are reigned in, each build should grow more and more even in strength and efficacy, each being proficient in different ways and promoting different playstyles, even within the same stat builds.
  • More repeatable endgame content is certainly to come, most notably being the Darksea, but far more to hunt for as well. Right now we only have Pulsar, Axe-Slash, and Vindicator as far as ‘Rare’ items go to hunt, but later down the line we’ll have dozens of Rare, Lost, and Ancient Spells and Techniques to hunt, along with Legendary Weapons that will likely follow a reworked version of AA’s Legendary Chart system, which should certainly be interesting. This on top of seasonal events to keep things fresh and a huge amount of bosses and other enemies to farm, the endgame will only grow more expansive with each update.
  • Infamy is the one I’m most worried about not really getting fixed. Hopefully Vetex finds a way to dredge this system up from the depths of hell and give it a rework before full release, as Infamy is beyond meaningless as it stands and so much of the Island Capturing system is completely and totally flawed.
  • The Renown system needs help. For a system that aims to be primarily based around PvP, it is practically a non-factor in actually reaching the leaderboard. Rival and execution farming are pretty much the best way to get your Fame or Bounty up as it stands, which is lame. Most of the top bounties in the world right now (especially in the Grand Navy) are some of the worst players I’ve ever seen, and 90% of the people on the leaderboard that you attempt to hunt just run. Deckhands should also not be bound to the Renown system, in my opinion.
  • Grinding for levels should get a little easier as more fun mechanics that reward XP (Diving Spots, Alchemy, Daily Challenges, etc.) get added, but for the most part Vetex doesn’t exactly seem keen on reducing the grind. It is what it is. Kai / Merlot cheese may be getting patched, but there will always be other methods to level quickly.
  • I’m not sure what this is even talking about.
  • Treasure Charts not being removed on death kinda defeats the point, though I can understand the frustration of dying to something outside of your control (White Eyes, higher level player, etc.) and losing a Rare or Legendary Treasure Chart.
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You can max a slot in 4-5 hours with relative ease.

seems like everyone maxed out thier slots faster than I did lmao what’s ur leveling guide?

story quest → get self explode pillar → merlot

huh that’s weird cuz I tried the self explosion method and it didn’t work


i hate playing with neg rep so i just do merlot

bounty reset is like 200 galleons and kai is 4-5x as fast as merlot

most of the time I have to stop myself so that the game doesn’t autoban me for passing 120 too fast

damn lol i can get max in ~5-6 hours with merlot so it doesnt really matter to me

how? I have full power/ultimate art on a blast and can only go up 400


oh lol