What build do you think would be the most picked, most broken, or the worst one out there

Almost certain that this was asked before, just can’t find it anywhere, let me know what you think about this.

What builds would be the most broken/most picked/least picked/worst

Then again we have to wait until the game actually comes out so we can’t make judgements but would still be an interesting discussion.

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Savant because you can do cool stuff with it (like magic imbued strength weapons)

Mage because 5 magics at the end of the game and some people just like magic a lot.

I haven’t seen anybody say they were gonna be knight.

Spirit weapons are gonna be a post-release feature so until spirit weapons are added warden will be the worst.

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most picked: savant, mage, conjurer
most broken: warlock, savant, hell maybe even warlord
worst: juggernaught, knight
least picked: idk same as worst i guess


You forgot least picked.

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Most Broken - Speed demon weapon build

Most picked - Mage/Savant because most people are gonna be following a terrible youtube guide made by someone who only plays aba and gpo

Least picked - Warden

Worst - Warden


What’s that?

Lots of movement armor and weapon build

i may be wrong but i feel like even warden will be more used than health hybrids (besides paladin)

a weapon build with high attack speed from armor

its really good in ao because attack speed affects both cast speed AND projectile speed of any build

Now, will conjurer be any bit of value?

Unless magic is really good at zoning speed based builds are going to be op

conjuror, magic infused weapon skills are gonna be unfair.

conjuror all of them are weebs and 90% are lightning users because conjuror is unoriginal and overused and so is lightning.

warlord and those who do use it are people who think they’re special (they are not)

Savant, they aren’t good at everything they’re just not good at anything.

i feel offended by this, you are wrong, but people who think they are special are genuinely sped

what is the playability difference between warlord and warrior

weapons with fighting style effects and also strength weapons

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I still fail to see a difference warlord = too lame to use magic and too cringe to use pure weapons

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Most Broken: probably warrior with attack speed
Most picked: i would say conjurer however most people have no brain and put stats into everything so my final choice is savant

Least picked: hard choice here but a lot of players probably also play blox fruits so probably warlord
worst: spirit weapons might be op so ehhhhhhhh
paladin IF no ancient magics for hybrids
otherwise nothing is bad

fighting styles are cool af with better customization, i fail to see an issue, best parts of weapons and fighting styles as well as being able to experience both new aspects to combat

love how there wasnt a single mention of warrior from the first reply to this

tbh just conjuror but cringe :yawning_face: