What can I get with this?

I haven’t played this game in forever don’t rly know any new values. I don’t plan on trading anything either. Just wanted to know

could get some decent boss drops with the strong oath, strong vast, and heavy woj

and you can get a sunken sword or smth with the headless

Headless is worth a lot :nod: all other seasonals are basically negligible to most traders/forumers.

You got a decent amount of boss drops but side from the ones you have equipped nothing really stands out as valuable.

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why do you want to trade there is nothing to trade

I deadass said I don’t plan on trading anything in the caption :skull:

dont trade that headless lol, just keep it for tgr

Yeah honestly idk why people are trading headless, there’s not gonna be a second tier of bosses until ao

You could probably scam a noob in game out of a sunken or 2 with the swift Oath or the hard vast. The hard vast is also valuable as a back up shield.

Probably dont trade the seasonals and wait till they get more value.

Headless is only valuable seasonal. The rest are only for super basic stuff. The headless I’d advise you save for ao when the second tier of bosses show up

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sorry I didn’t read the post >w<

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