What classes are your rivals?

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green, a fire and magma mage (i hate him)

Wow, really? Does rivals can change their loadout after reaching their current max lvl?

knight i think? she has like 2k health and does no damage but she could just be a warrior with weirdly high defense

Hess: Warlord
Weapons: Iron Greataxe, Iron Mace
Fighting Styles: Boxing, Sailor Fists


prob has 130+w eapon points as she can use iron weapons E abilities
somehow she able to use ult attacks so she prob has 230+ strenght

first rival

(she probably also has something else that i dont know)
she has decent drip outfits;
woman btw.

I even made art of her on Harvest island because I were training drawing women but kinda failed
(which i dont will show as its cringe but some how sfw)

I also have more rivals but I don’t think it would be fair to tell about more than one rival, maybe later.

Rush - berserker
He does not seem to get tired even tho he managed to clone himself 3 separate times

mine’s a magic savant with vitality instead of strength, they have plasma and chose earth as their second magic for some reason

Warrior that will not stop using impaling strike
Berserker (Iron Leg + Boxing :sob:)
Crystal warlock (basic combat)

Bro tried metamancing

Osborn, the Knight
who has 2000HP and spams Tiger Rush

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Shaffer a wood-wind paladin or mage (I have no idea which he is)

Any strength based ppl who use boxing, fucking hate it so bad cause im stuck its lock on attack and close combat suuuuuuckkkssss

wind conjurer or savant idk, I only got him cuz he’s called brown and he’s black

Alston. A fire-wind mage (could be a paladin?) that I can’t even figure out the gender of. They like to use beams and every kind of ultimate art.

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My rival - Chavez: Sailor-Boxing Juggernaut

Fry: Boxing/Sailor’s Juggernaut

Walker: Wood/Light Mage

Glass: Hammer (and some other weapons) Knight or Warrior

For those who are wondering about their personalities: Fry is bored, Walker is insane, and Glass is angry
They use a knight, sailor, and samurai outfit theme respectively.

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Correction, Walker randomly got weapons today so I guess she’s a conjurer

You have got so many rivals, and Fry as a name sounds very strange.

mine is a snow conjurer