What culture are you

  • Vistarian
  • Castlian
  • Alalean
  • Alvarian
  • Savarian
  • Doomarian
  • Snow Folk
  • Keihatsu
  • Canopian
  • New Greeks
  • Old Sea Vikings
  • Skylian

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I think I forgot one

Yes, you’re forgetting Castlian.

I added that.

How about our good friends the Alaleans?

Yes I added that too.

Maybe you’re forgetting the often forgotten Vistarians.

And I added vistarians too…

I didn’t see Alvarians on there, maybe that’s missing.

I added them too

Perhaps the never-before-seen Savarians is absent.

you are missing New Greek
im pretty sure that there is no culture such as “New Greeks”

I added them too!

Same thing lol

I got it! You’re missing the new culture the Doomarians.

you are missing savyrian

What’s the difference between Savyrian and Savarian…

Nvm it’s actually a culture

Savyrian is missing

imagine inserting that you’re part of a culture that hasn’t been added to the game yet
just only allow people to vote for only Vistarian, Castlian, and Alalean