What did SunCry do

Everyone seems to either be in SunCry, or hate them, what did they do? I have not been a forumer for long, and I wasn’t here for WAX, and I don’t think I was here for whatever crime SunCry committed.

be better than everyone else in genocide.
everyone else is unable to cope.

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essentially, mass murder in WoM for infamy

be a guild (L xd)


i wasn’t here to witness but what i heard is that suncry would go on a massacre back when you could get infamy from any player, guild member or not, regardless of their level (they had to be level 45 though obv) and people didn’t like how they just killed every single person

be the top guild

genuine mald moment, shitters got mad

sounds a little justified to me

Well if that is the case I feel like people should be more mad at the infamy system.

Being top guild in WoM means your guild has killed more people than any other guild

So a lot of ppl have been killed by suncry

I mostly just pretend to hate Suncry for fun. In reality, I actually respect Suncry for their efforts in being the top guild in the game. Of course, being the top guild comes at a cost, as you obviously needed to kill people to gain infamy. However, this still doesn’t excuse their previous actions in the past. Due to such actions, including former toxicity from some guild members, they have become rather hated. Hopefully since there will be a reset, that Suncry can learn from its experience in WoM and do better than before, which I’m certain they will.


i wouldn’t be surprised if clans like suncry pay people (in rares/exotics) to be in the same server as them as a second clan so they could farm island infamy without having to worry about competition/no second guild to give them infamy

yea people hated both, the infamy system has been changed in arcane odyssey and i think its way better

basically, you can only get infamy by either capturing wilderness islands against other clans or killing people who are in clans that are currently in those wilderness islands. it still promotes pvp, but not random killing

Yeah I know about the new system, and I personally like it, along with the interesting things that you can add to it, like the kingdom islands.

be rank 1 day 1 :smiling_imp:

be better than omega

Mass killing people for infamy in old wom versions, also bullying guild people is ALWAYS funny

kill a many people
people think we alt farm

They spent too much time on a dead game and their leader did “suspicious” stuff. Probably having to do with minors lol. I’m not gonna say that I respect that at all or anything honestly they could’ve used that time to get a job or work around or something, not very smart.

They committed mass genocide and gained like 500 infant within the first few hours of the guild update. I think it was at 1000 by the next day if i remember correctly