What do headlesses go for , I haven't play 5 months

Ltm , im lvl 62 :face_with_head_bandage:

a fuck ton
dont sell your shit

i have like 100 Halloween dump too

we crashing the market with this one :fire:

i heard if you sell it you get a secret lost spell :scream:

sold it :grinning:

your left kidney, right lung and twentieth born child

what is the point of headless if u cant trade it for anything of the same worth , they should really add some other cool rare stuff

i mean, you can keep it around to get whatever lost/ancient magic in the future… which wont be a thing til like, 2-5 more years

2-5 more years ??? !!!

I will sell it for cash :money_mouth_face:

can i join u

i totally will not buy them from the NPC shop ahaha

i dont even know what that is , anyways i left

you could buy at least 20 sunken swords i think

in like 4 years, i’d say at least like 90 sunken swords

dude u have 4?? thats insane how much just for 1?

from the looks of it you will have to trade me in 2-4 years :rofl: ( I wont be active in 2-4 years )

hey @repear can i have some… free seasonals ?

yo get me in on some of that

OH GOD :joy:

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