What Do I Do With These Bruh?

I have an unrelenting amount of scrolls that I just don’t know what to do with bro

Donate them to me cus im pretty broke


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Can I has 2 strongs and 1 swift scroll plzzz??

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You can give me your strong, hard, and swift scrolls :kissing_closed_eyes:

Dm Thundrstxrm#5249 if youre willing to


two hards for two attack speed(dont remember name)

yall really asking for free shit
im not that stupid

bro use them

I’ll actually pay you 150 galleons for 1 swift scroll

I’m willing to trade 650 galleons and a general argos armor accessory/weapon for a strong, amplified, and hard scroll. (and maybe a swift if possible)
Dm at ProDucky#8078

you up for this deal?
ill throw in like 50 extra galleons

keep em honestly unless someone gives u a rlly good trade. Might be handy for enchanting those rares u get

Whats your disc

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