What do you hate most about the World of Magic Forum?

Honestly, I hate the fucking essays people put out on here. Like chill out, buddy, this isn’t going on your final grade, just type one word then get over it.


I hate the trolls on the forum.


I hate people who make shitpost topics

cough sister

Honestly, the amount of anger people on these forums go through towards trolls. It creates an environment of toxicity and only feeds trolls. When I was looking at Donk’s post, people got way too toxic way too fast. I wonder if that reflects the community.

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I hate those who write a very long sentence and found out it’s all was just them pointing out why they were more superior or just trolling

just like what @JUMBO

I don’t really see what’s wrong with a long reply.

Not every argument is going to be one sentence per point with no examples, comparisons, etc.

A healthy disagreement is allowed to be a discussion, so long as people don’t start trying to fight and throw insults.

I mean what do you people think a discussion is? Do you want the replies in a topic such as, lets say, “Buff wood magic” to be:
User1: I agree (twenty characters)
User2: I do not agree with this.
User1: Wood isn’t good enough and needs to be stronger so you are wrong.
User2: Okay but I think wood is good enough, so you are wrong.

Anyway, that being said, I do think trolls not getting punished is the biggest issue this forum has.

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the 20 characters rule

Eh, no one is gonna change their opinions about anything unless you post substantial evidence that can be easily read. I think that’s just the truth, and especially no one is gonna read a novel about anything they disagree with

Also, I thought trolls did get punished. Mal, Donk, and Sister have all gotten punished, right? They’re all trolls

Tbh if somebody can’t even be bothered to read your point why are they even arguing with you.
I’d imagine if you can’t write four sentences supporting your side you’re probably going to get shit on argumentatively by the person writing a comprehensive, passionate, mini-essay about their side.

If people don’t wanna read it, that’s fine.

Nah, you can win by posting one sentence that begins with “Nah”


I mean that would be funny but that wouldn’t really make you victorious from general standpoint.
You can feel good about yourself but an observer making their own decisions will assume that you just gave up.

Nah, I think if I saw them say nah, I would assume they’re the victor.

The “Nah Strategy” emits alpha-energy

“Winning/losing” is a terrible frame of mind for an online forum, but many people on this forum endorse and participate in this behavior. Posting in such a way as to be as passive-aggressive and non-substantive as possible.

There’s no point in maintaining a forum where 95% of the content is coming from people who think shitty soundbites are the epitome of concision. Like…just say what you mean, long or short, and format accordingly.


You’re not going to be burned for, oh the horror, having more thoughts about an opinion than warranted in a discord server.

just that.
oh, and the drama too.

All the trolls are gone, the only thing left is drama.

I just really dislike whenever some drama happens and several people start screaming at each other. It’s okay to disagree, but you can do that without telling people that they are “fucking idiots and retards etc.”.

No offence to those who have done this;
just stop doing it and be more civil please.

i hate the lack of obama

Me too. But NotObama’s great too!

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