What do you think about Atlanteans

  • weak and pathetic
  • not rlly strong tbh
  • A fair challenge
  • Significantly harder
  • High on crack

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Also comment what u think abt their design, drops, etc.

depends on the range

range 1 (0 insanity) is abt the level of max lvl bounties, so not too hard but sometimes a challenge

farther ranges are a challenge to being significantly harder

sometimes i come across a pitiful level 300 iron leg atlantean who trips over their own feet, but other times i can run into a level 160 bow atlantean with aim that would make even a ballsless hitbox extender weep

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in other words a very wide range-

insanity 3 starts to become a bit scary if they do 600 damage in one move against you

Really depends on what it is

Bow/Mage Aim Demon Atlanteans are pretty challenging
Some FS Atlanteans just suck at fighting and usually easy
Brig/Ketch Atlanteans are hard regardless of what it is

I want to wear the head of the eel one


Depends. Sometimes I just turn them into mush, sometimes:

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their drops usually arent really worth it, but they are cool ( lets us have more atlanthean body parts pls (

the scream at the end :sob:

i already failed like 5 expeditions before this because of random shit:

-a captain and his crew dealt 700 while i was in beast instinct, i couldnt fight after that

-fought off a crew and got water poisoned at ~100 HP while in a bad spot, died before could do a thing

-had to do some IRL things while halfway in the sea because of which had to turn back

-while fighting a captain 3298547239587 sharks spawned out of nowhere and my mirrored river lagged, not tping me out of the water and making me run out of stamina

all while having terrible wave and lightning luck, every expedition i would get struck by like 3-4 lightnings and take 2-3 corrosive waves

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I keep getting parts I didn’t even realized existed. Like the tentacled cloak and atlantean hide legs. There’s a fair chance that the high level ones drop even more of their wacky parts, like the eel heads and angler heads.

the tentacled cloak looks a bit disappointing tbh, i though it would be the two tentacle arms but no, just a small tentacle hand

It is a bit disappointing. I was hoping it would be a cloak that has little tentacle-like protrusions on the bottom, like as coattails.

oooohhh yeah i like that too!

idk why ur complaining when u didn’t even block, parry, or dodge

The ones with spears are a real issue until we can damage them through walls again. I can barely use an ability without them throwing a spear directly through it and hitting me. Overall they are decent as long as you stay out of melee range

Atlanteans are a lot like the grand navy, they can either spawn with a reasonable build or something that turns your 2k+ hp into nothing

So far I have not seen a single altantean spam explosion pillars yet so there is that