What do you think about players being able to equip items above their own level granting a drawback status was added on the item

Put it short you are level 150 and you wanna equip a level 200 armor.You can equip it but theres a drawback status on the lvl 200 armor that makes its actual level around 175 say?
However if the same lvl 150 wanted to equip a lvl 400 armor the drawback would become so great that the level 200/150 armor is better for him.A logarithmic scale for this would work great.

Minimum item levels is a common thing among rpg’s and it would be nice to try to be different

Idk it has a very limited use unless the system of getting items gets changed. Without changing it, it will only affect people who somehow find an item higher than their level in a shop or if someone trade one to them.

If the system of getting items is changed, then that becomes generally annoying to new players to get a bunch of items that cause a debuff. While I do want it for stuff like sunken items so that you at least get, well, a sunken item when you are supposed to (instead of a random item), it should only give you items slightly above your level and/or rarely get them.

I can see it being unbalanced at times. I mean, I don’t actually see the point either. It’s just odd and random. Minimum levels for items are there to keep balance. I’ve seen games where a minimum level isn’;t required for items and they’re usually just really unbalanced with noobs getting op gear all the way around. This of course is on a smaller scale but it would still break balance a bit.

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plus this Yes you will be able to get items over your levels out of chests like back in AA when i got sunken champ at lvl 140 but with added rarity making a lvl 200 harder to find at lvl 150 compared at level 200.
To have it so low levels that need low level gear dont get spammed with high level items they have nothing to do with make it that overleveled items only appear with a small chance in chests that would otherwise be empty.There would be no chance of a high level item spawning in a chest othewise having say a wizard robe but one that has no item drop other than arrows/crowns has the chance for one.

Then that brings the problem of people giving away things to small level players. Not to mention small lever players probably wouldn’t get the whole drawback thing because the game is quite complicated as it is- especially the inventory part.

just seems pointless and complicated to add such a system when you can just grind to the required level and equip the items normally. that’s my opinion at least

That doesnt stop high level people from giving lower level friends gear they can wear/low level gear/gear for his low level friends level.i responded to the wrong person a

There would technically be no broken balance because the higher level items would just become rarer better version of lower level items opening up more diversity i guess?

It wouldn’t be as pointless if we were unable to upgrade items, however, since we can keep whatever items we have super close to our current level constantly then there’s no need.
Like you could just grab an iron set at level 40 and keep it until level 200 easily.

Kinda pointless in my opinion, you can’t find items over your level and if you change it so there isn’t a found gear level limit you constantly give players who are leveling up a debuff.