What do you think of ultimate attacks in fighting games

What are your thoughts on ultimate attacks (strong attacks with high cooldown and a large cost.) I never saw ults in AA so idk about those, but when i think about ults what comes to mind is the ult spells in Elemental Battlegrounds, in which case if you use any of them you are a skill issue :nod: (and if you use solar ult you should definitely keep yourself safe now!)

In some fighting games that have a “repeat the same 5 attacks a thousand times” sort of style, they are pretty annoying.

i don’t think ao is gonna have them

Ultimate Arts

oh right those

well i suppose they are similar but i think of ults as it’s own special move that has much more aoe than any regular one

Then I will edit

annoying when others use them, cackling manically when i use them


Using ultimate attacks on the first person who fell asleep at the sleepover (rookie mistake)


I like it when they’re rare and rewarding. Not something that can be spammed, and not necessarily overpowered but can be used to decide a battles outcome if used wisely

i like them, they generally look cooler than normal abilities
in genshin especially because it does a zoom in effect and looks epic

i think ults are a fine concept, its just that some games do them so badly that they are unfair to use and play against.
we’ll be getting something similar in the form of ultimate arts for magics and ultimate skills for weapons which are completely different and unique skills for each individual weapon.
i.e hammers and clubs having different ults even if their the same weapon type
as for fighting styles we don’t know yet

so like out/overclasses in the Anime Campaign series

most of them are only usable once per adventure, some are once per the entire story, they deliver really strong effects. and you get them from classing up

granted this isn’t really a GAME

they were shit, if you ever used them you were at an immediate disadvantage.

I was playing with my friend in elemental battlegrounds and they were only lvl 10 or something, so I had to join the low lvl server, and someone joined and used solar ult before leaving.

But in general ultimate attacks make for a cool last resort, but less cool when people spam them.

I love them, who doesnt like dropping a nuclear bomb on random innocent players :slight_smile:

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it doesn’t even work as a “last” resort, since at that point you have either depleted most of your energy or simply don’t have the time to cast it anyways. The only thing it’s useful for are damage bursts, but at that point is better to just git gud