What do you think the island-specific armors/weapons would be?

Personally, I’m assuming that all island-specific weapons will be Average quality.


  • Shark Tooth Blade - Skills would probably start unlocking at 60 stat points and have more varied stats than the Ravenna Sword
  • Shark Tooth Greatsword - Skills would likely be unlocked starting at 120 stat points


  • Icicle Dagger - Same as STB; skills start unlocking at around 60.
  • Icicle Hammer - Same as STB. Unlike with Redwake, you don’t see possible cultural weapons on any NPC.

at sailors lodge regular weapons of all kinds should be sold by salesman, eg katanas cutlasses muskets etc.
also we should be able to find cursed weapons at akursius keep

Pickaxe - similar skills to great hammer
Shell Island:
Wooden knives? (because of that one quest)
Hunting Bow
Palo Town, Whitesummit and Sailor’s Lodge seem like multicultural boiling pots so it wouldn’t make sense for them to have cultural weapons.

Shark-tooth Sword - single-sword skills, tiger rush changed to tiger shark rush and deals an extra 2 hits, inflicts bleeding
Pickaxe/Icepick - greataxe skills, inflicts freezing
Palo Town:
Merchant Crossbow - musket skills, inflicts bleeding
Merchant Dagger - dagger skills, inflicts bleeding
Shell Island:
Hunting Bow - bow skills, inflicts slowness
Ravenna Greathammer - greathammer skills, inflicts some sort of daze effect
Ravenna Executioner Axe - greataxe skills, inflicts limb-loss length bleeding