What do you think will be the most used Primordial Magic (other than Promethean Fire yeah you thought)?

  • :x: Apocalypse Bringer - Extremely unstable and explosive. Only has cursed skill types.
  • :x: Crash Magic - All skills shatter anything they come into contact with into pieces, including magic attacks that are lower level than the caster. Can create all skill types.
  • :x: Death Magic - Only has forbidden and cursed skill types.
  • :x: Life Magic - Extremely powerful healing magic.
  • :x: Pressure Magic - A combination of wind and gravity magic, resulting in dark grey/glowing purple air that can exert more force than the heaviest magics.
  • :x: Electron Magic - A teal and red form of lightning magic that leaves clouds of deadly, burning air.
  • :x: Art of Sacrifice - Costs your own life force to cast. In exchange, its spells are very powerful and drain the target’s energy.
  • :x: Art of Lazarus - Every attack heals the user for half of the damage dealt. In exchange, this magic is not very damaging.
  • :x: Art of Infinity - Allows the user to control an object’s status in time.
  • :x: Art of Order - Attacks deal heavy damage to players that are the opposite reputation of the caster, and no damage to players of similar reputation. Attacks cost lots of energy to use and have a long cast time. When this magic deals damage, it slightly altars the reputation of the target with each hit, raising it if the target is evil or lowering it if the target is good. This magic appears the same color as the user’s first magic.

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Personally, I think Art of Lazarus will be one of the most used

aaand I accidentally voted

Well at least you can change your vote to something you prefer if you want to.

electron is the only i understand so i would choose it

I have a feeling I might see Life Magic a lot since healing would be a godsend in a middle of a fight. Death Magic would be perfect for the edgelords though

Art of order would be Wom’s equivalent of the arcane governments Impact fist gotta hide in the trees if I want to avoid those Art of order boys and ladies.

Pressure magic because all the wind users want it

Do you have to be wind and gravity to use pressure cause if so then soz I don’t plan on using either of those things but I do want pressure.

Or you’re going to find them hiding in trees, Lol.

Not even the Magic council can beat a Vietnamese person when it comes to hiding in the trees

Apocalypse Bringer
it sounds so fucking metal how could someone who’s a nega rep NOT TAKE IT
Just imagine if you’re dueling some guy and he pulls out the Necronomicon and fucking SMITES YOU

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Imagine a full mad bomber build complete with awakened explosion magic, (insert lost magic here, maybe aether?), and apocalypse bringer with max insanity literally nuking the entire map.

Why do I feel like someone’s gonna do this?

Edit: Oh btw on the Trello it says Vetex finished the bug fixes for the next update! We’re getting somewhere!

Oh my god he finally finished the bugs? It took him like 6 days it normally takes him three

I think it’ll be equally fair if people are desperate enough. The drop chance is gonna be through the fucking roof, and people already complain about 1/2000 drop chance of the sunken items. So if someone had been grinding for hours for like 3 weeks with no Primordial, they’re gonna use it because at the end of the day a Primordial is a Primordial.

True that

Lol, imagine if we could combine our first magic if its awakened with Apocalypse bringer, i dont think its possible but im trying to imagine a volcanic apocalypse

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people only want art of infinity just so they can scream “za warudo”

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just to say you can change your vote by clicking that show vote and you can choose another one

I did --ten

Ii chose pressur e magi c becuase the pressure if reals