What does the hitbox on Rushdown look like?

when I use rushdown I usually phase straight through my target and it just doesn’t hit no matter how I am it.
what the heck are you doing?

Players and npcs enter an ungrabable state when thier health turns white

I’ve literally walked up to somebody said something about the best attack in the game, put my cursor directly on them, and used rushdown.

nothing happened.

I think you have to be in combat to get grabbed

even in combat I usually just phase through my target.
when a grab does land it feels way off.

What’s your average ping

less than 200 and usually closer to 150.

And when you try to grab them thier hp isn’t white

correct, this is all specific to rushdown, for some reason the wooden staff grab specifically seems to work fairly consistently… except when it also phases directly through the target.

I couldn’t tell you the grabs are just strange