What fighting styles do you think will be added on release

So obviously we know fighting styles are going to be added on release but we don’t know which ones.
We know one island for sure will have a fighting style mentor(goso jungle) and another island that heavily implies the existence of a fighting style mentor(sailors lodge)
Personally I hope thermo fist knocking fist and boxing are all in the game on release
But currently the islands are pointing to sailors fist and either boxing or karate on goso jungle

just the base ones?

Yea cause those are the only ones that will exist on release

tell me, are we going to have lost magics on release


brother since when, im 96% sure we’re just getting lost spell scrolls not lost magics


Hoping all base fighting styles are available for public release

For early access I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple hadn’t been finished, mostly depends on when he begins working on them and how long it takes ig

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It’s called sarcasm like you do all the time

Cause my only problem with this would be that about 1/4 or more of the total islands on release would contain a fighting style mentor if all of the fighting styles listed were available.

7ish out of 40+ islands doesn’t seem too excessive imo, especially if they’re placed decent distances apart

wacky and confusing but i will say no more



i feel like more simple ones like sailor fist and boxing will be added first given the islands that could possibly have fighting style mentors, although there could be base fighting styles not listed on the public trello

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FLAUNT ( idk is is a fight style

No Sword Style Combat, a combat made by a legendary swordsmen who uses the three sword style. One time of where he didn’t have his three swords on him, he used no swords to defeat a foe, the hands move swiftly in a way as if the hands were the swords. This fighting style does a ton of knockback.

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gonna be sailor fist

Well it looks like he’s gonna be doing them after the visual revamp

Well now we know the answer to this topic, it’s gonna be basic combat, boxing, crane stance, sailors fist and thermo fist
And we also know that there aren’t many other planned ideas for common fighting styles on vetexs private trello

Coming back to this again it seems like plans have changed, cannonfist wasn’t a part of the initial list and was added, and crane stance was never added, instead we’ve got iron leg, I’m curious to see what vetex does with the rest of the fighting styles

Iron leg is just renamed crane style so it can get an effect at higher levels