What games got you addicted the day you started playing?

I recently re-installed Stardew Valley, which I didn’t go back to after buying it for years because Harvey, the doctor, told me to take care of myself.

I think it would’ve been better if I didn’t, because now it’s been a part of most of my free time. I haven’t gotten to Winter 1 yet, but I have got most skills to Level 5 (aside from Mining at 4 and Combat at 3), reached 50K+ total gold earned, 3/4 Dwarf Scrolls in the museum, and some Community Center quests finished.

I’ve also been dead-set on getting Sebastian in my house. It was either him, Abigail, or Sam, and I think his freelance programming job is what sealed the deal for me.

Airship Assault

lobotomy corporation

Fallout 3

Stardew Valley as well.

But, considering what I’ve heard about this bad boy…

If you don’t hear from me in a week, assume I’m terrorizing the Mojave.
(Namely the Legion’s camps. With a flamethrower I stole from Cook Cook. Fuck Cook Cook.)

People playground

I have a love hate relationship with fallout new Vegas but that’s really only because I played half the game not knowing about fast travel. I also did not play with performance mods to stop the game from crashing every 10 minutes. Not even to mention, the come fly with me mission… it was an interesting mission but boy did it drag, however aside from that I love it :heart_eyes:

Helldivers 2.

My life for SUPER EARTH!

Limbus Company.

Mobile legends bang bang

hear me out…


i still dont have a game like that… I have plenty games i considered myself “addicted” to, but it was less of an addiction and more of my completitionist side aiming to do everything possible in the game, and then leave.

Hilariously the closest to an additction is probably AO, that i keep playing despite trying out almost everything the game has to offer, besides new builds and magics and such.

I guess my honorable mentions would be Minecraft, Terraria, Mindustry, Rust, Genshin Impact, Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and maybe a dozen more games that i cant remember.


this game in this forum name


usually for me whenever I find a game that I like it completely absorbs me for the next 3-14 days before I drop it or finish it, sometimes I play in bursts like with AO

recent honorable mentions are:

Phoenotopia: Awakening (i put in 2 13 hour play sessions on back to back days after picking it up)
Okami HD (played in 1-3 hour bursts over the span of a week or two)
Block Tales (almost 20 hours on my main slot, i’m physically preventing myself from playing it more so I don’t burn out before demo 2)

I remember playing Monster Hunter Stories 1 on the 3DS and playing that for 50-60 hours in 1 week with School when I was younger. I finished the second one in a week or two as well.

I’ll keep this in mind, then. …How do I install mods, anyways? Just installed New Vegas today and I saw the GECK right off. Not sure if it’s basically the Hammer Editor of New Vegas/Fallout 3, or if it’s the modloader, or both.

I do not even have the slightest clue I just know that’s what you are supposed to do to stop the annoying crashes

dmc3 (bought it after hearing devils never cry for the first time and now my brain is forever rotted, play it if you havent its god tier)
guilty gear strive and umvc3 (played strive because i saw happy chaos and umvc3 because the game looked hype, both are still amazing and extremely fun)

cant think of anything else off the top of my head but some other peak games:

katana zero
cruelty squad
jjba:heritage for the future (this ones free you have no excuse go download fightcade now)

theres arcane odyssey

recently theres pokemon rejuvenation