What happend to Latom

Hi, I remember the time that Latom was very big and well know guild. But what happend to it?

leader quit lol

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And here I was thinking it was just an exaggerated joke and the guild never existed


Wow bruh

I have a feeling he might come back for AO, but we’ll have to wait and see


o inferno is a leader now

…oh shoot

I’m pretty sure it just died.

ibemaine quit cause shinobi life 2 got more views then world of magic on youtube I’m very sure the real guild was never even made in Wom

it happened because of what was fated to happen

how the hell were you supposed to coordinate a guild of 5k people comprised exclusively of ibemaine’s random fans?

they tried to tax them with smoke arrows too, in order to join

the guild collapsed on itself due to the above in conjunction with the expected hate, considering that it would be a guild that would care nothing about quality rather quantity, taken to the extreme

I never saw anything related to that Latom guild, don’t know what happened

I just spoted it, it is a rookie guild with 15 members

Yeah wait when did-

about 48 hours ago.

latom :pray:

Damn, there’s a lot of new ones this time, one sec gotta go congratulate them


well that topic is closed to Ima just do it here bcs why not. @Mako , @UvadinVeliki, @SavageWind, @Inferno, @Acid congrats :clap:

“hehe” has climbed the ranks


Thank Rose, tbh it was really unexpected for me, I woke up yesterday to see it so I’m still sorta getting used to it

Lol, I can see you doing well in the position :slight_smile:

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