What happened on the Trello?

For reference, https://trello.com/c/TJdNIq1k/35-to-do

It seems Vetex has made quite the adjustment to the Trello, as it seems he turned into dark mode to alleviate our eyesight through the night. Or is it just me?


I never thought of using a fake link like that. Anyway, there was an ad. Your plan has been spoiled by AdBlock not working. Btw, you forgot the c/ in the link.


No I didn’t

Huh that’s an interesting change.

clever bastard

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You fool! Unlike you normies I actually went on the trello itself and I totally didn’t do that because I didn’t see the link

i love how he is basically admitting he clicked on the link and is so embarassed he tried to cover it up

man i’m lucky that the page was still loading when i realized what was happening.

well played though…notfunny

You mother ####er.

N- No. I just merely… foresaw the future?

i avoided the rick roll

I just read the comments before clicking lmao

F*** you, you’re longer a wind brother/sister to me
( this is just a joke dont take it seriously )

If you have a slow computer and you click off before the video plays… You don’t get rolled.

I clicked off cause I thought it was a virus…