What happened to wither?

Is the shadow magic in AA different from the shadow magic in WoM? Like, is it still theoretically possible learn the AA version of shadow magic (the one that applies wither) now if it is a different thing?

iirc shadow doesn’t have wither anymore because vetex wanted to give the effect to the dark lost magic

I think a dev said wither is planned for darkness or something when I asked

yeah it kinda sucks but shadow is good enough on it’s own rn

but I mean lore-wise does that mean the shadow magic we used in AA was actually the darkness lost magic?

I think it’s just a thing gameplay-wise.

Or if Vetex wants to integrate it into lore, we could say that the Withering capabilities of Shadow died down.

Darkness is going to have wither If i’m correct

What If Shadow Magic I guess “mutated” or “weakened” with the Magic Pollution dissipating into space? Dumb thesis but hey that’s just a theory

Big brain question I haven’t seen one of those questions on the forums in a long time. It is :thinking: time

I have the same question. Maybe the War Seas have adapted a variant of Shadow Magic that makes structures and targets colorblind/colorless temporarily and hits harder on impact in comparison to the withering Shadow Magic in the Seven Seas?

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Whither was too strong for a starter (it made shadow the meta).

this plus shadow would be way too good with damage over time with it’s current stats