What if SunCry didn’t exist - WOM/AO What If #1

I want to try a new series, where we look at alternative universes where something in WoM is different. The first one is “What of SunCry never existed.” So what would have happened if the 3 original members never created SunCry? How would this affect the game?

Firstly, the guild leaderboard. Lots more guilds would be flourishing due to SunCry’s continuous murders. The front leaderboard might look a bit different. It is most likely Acquire to be the top guild, about 2000 infamy ahead of Black Bulls. But when you think again, SunCry was a large reason why the infamy system was changed in Halloween Update. And for that, Syndicate disbanded. So in the case that no other guild rose up and somehow didn’t cause the infamy system to get changed (which is nearly impossible) then Syndicate may be on top, most likely 500-1000 infamy ahead of Acquire. This would also mean Azure Society would have less skilled PvPers, which would slow their infamy gain than they would’ve in our timeline.

The members. Many of the members on SunCry were in other guilds before coming to SunCry. Some came from Crimson Crescent, like Lucky for example. Others may have came from small guild, like me from Scorching Fist. If SunCry didn’t exist, players like Felix or other top infamy gainers would be in different guilds. This would shape up the leaderboard even more, and it is pretty incalculable what would happen, though they wouldn’t make a large dent, it would still somewhat change things.

Lastly, the community. It is mostly likely that toxicity would be lowered too, with phrases such as “skill issue” being used by many SunCry members after gaining infamy. There would most likely not be any guild for people to complain about too, though there will be those few idiots who hackusate everyone.

What’s the conclusion? While it may look very nice to see SunCry disappear, it wouldn’t really change much actually. Just a few changes here and there, and that’s it.


Kafka was a bigger reason

“Skill issue” is a phrase from rogue and has been said a lot before the Guild Update

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the cockaroach dude?

If suncry didn’t exist then azure no cap probably would be at top. Either that or guilds would be way more common.


i wouldn’t say the forum would be a better place
i’m saying that the whole world would be a better place


As well as all you said, I would say that a lot of SunCry members (like myself) wouldn’t really be too noticed/good at pvp. SunCry was my first competitive guild and I learnt (almost) all my PvP skills within SunCry. Without SunCry, I probably would have been one of those casual players with 150+ hours and 2 player kills. So I have a lot to thank SunCry for! :nod:


what if suncry didnt exist only needed one word:

People would’ve liked the guild update lol

Honestly if suncry didn’t exist there would just be another guild in its place to satisfy the needs some people seem to have.

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pedowewea wouldn’t go up by 0.1%

if Suncry didn’t exist people would’ve hated whatever other guild became #1

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Syndicate wouldn’t have been that hated

Looks unbiased to me!

Roselight would be #1

whoever is 2nd on the leaderboard would be first

Jason wouldn’t be a cursed name on the forum

And that concludes this season, you said it all

oml I looked at that and died laughing