What if we lost against Calvus?

Having an injured Morden and a fine Iris, could they beat a potentially weakened Calvus?
(In this hypothetical, Calvus got into his second phase, so about half health)

Morden was boarderline incapacitated. I dunno if he’d be much help here, though the adrenaline may’ve been enough to keep him going (do curse users even feel adrenaline???). Iris alone probably wouldn’t have been enough, maybe with Edward Kenton’s help they could have won; but then they’d have to carry the MC, Nevrio, and Morden out.

I’m gonna say maaaayyybeee, but I don’t see them getting out alive or un-captured.

We already know what happens when we lose

We just… call char(71)char(65)char(83)char(84)char(69)char(82) for help and we respawn in an alternate timeline.

Another Calvus.

Another Him.

Thats a surprisingly terrifying concept, every death is another path where the corruption we fought grows to take more lives.

I know this probably will never happen and I doubt big V would even consider it, but it would be kind of a cool concept to play a hypothetical spin-off AU of Arcane Odyssey where we play as someone who lives in a reality where the order’s goals actually succeeded.

AKA: the protagonist of the main game, never escaped.

And depending on how catastrophic that goal was, well, a lot of doors open…

Cant Morden instantly kill anyone weaker than him with the death curse? That means he could technically fodderize Calvus.

no. death curse isn’t actual death, but just a blue/black energy that causes decay at a rapid rate
shadow magic is just an evil energy, not real shadows
morden does not have corrupt top-pop bell :sob:

You misunderstand what I mean, the deathcurse according to vetex, 1 shots anyone weaker then the user.
Morden is comparable to Julian, who is confirmed to be stronger the Calvus, so Calvus fits squarely in the weaker range

Morden is pretty much down for the count here, he can’t walk on his own and he’s about to conk out for nine days straight. This really depends on how strong you think Iris is by this point. Honestly considering she seemingly beat the entire guard in the Castello which includes multiple centurions who are about as good as a soldier can get aside from being a general, I think she could do it. Its not a guarantee that she’d beat him, but with him at half health I’d say she’s got a shot.

She’d probably be very angry at Calvus for what he did to her father, which would enhance the power of her flare magic
and since she could literally destroy that whole group of guards in one attack, I think she has a pretty decent shot at defeating Calvus

that is, as long as she knows how to deal with the pillar attack

do DOT abilities cancel out his pillar attack?

yeah, but for Iris to apply a dot, she first has to hit calvus a couple of times

I think the reason that happened in her fight was only because she was so weak that the dot had to stack up high enough to actually do damage. At her strength at that point, she would have definitely been able to apply it on every hit.

But… ain’t our allies came in when we were already talking with defeated king?

Iris getting cooked and Morden is barely functional after fighting Julian


Edward, i loves him and all but i dont think he cant do much unless both him and Iris arent too tired then maybe they have a slight chance

Morden sics a :arrow_double_up: :arrow_right: :arrow_double_down: :arrow_double_down: :arrow_double_down: on calvus and blows up ravenna castello

bro iris is lvl 100 with 1k hp at forests of masts, after some training

she needs 666 hp to survive calvus’ 500 attack
if we say that the 500’s are spaced out, she can at most tank 2 of them

She only has to tank the whole 500 if she sits there like a dumbass and lets him charge it all the way

wait how do you prevent him? normal attacks dont work

… normal attacks do work. The 500!! beam only does 500!! damage if it’s fully charged. If you hit Calvus with literally any damage before then, he releases it early, dealing significantly less damage.