What images did you put in your brig?

I’ll start:
(Me and the bois)

(One of the boys nuking Ravenna)

(The fleet)

(Theres one pic I wont add because it has everyone user’s on there, but its essentially me and my guildmates all being online at once overtaking the server)

Share your Brigs!



trying to insert my clan’s image gives me ptsd

Tbh as long as you have BTRoblox you’re fine but before that, I understand your pain-

Just use roblox studio to find the image id instantly (and don’t forget to press enter)

Haven’t put images in 2x1’s yet. Probably gonna put something dragon-related or pictures of my other files.

This is the third topic about brig pictures…

Woops- :skull:

my legal team has advised me to not post this information on the forum

Roland Library Of Ruina GIF - Roland Library Of Ruina Reception GIFs


i wanted to create false Mimhere island but im lazy so i just used this:

for the funny

probably gonna change some of them (into better ones)