What is better for fishing items?

I have both a Lucky collector’s rod and a magnetic collector’s rod. so my question is which one is better? or is there another enchantment that is the best for collecting items.

The magnetic collector’s rod is the most efficient way to catch items, but luring collector’s rod makes it faster to catch items overall (and also makes fishing more fun since you don’t have to wait half an hour for a bite).

what if I was trying to get sunken armor or other things what would be the best for those?

magnetic takes longer overall, but you will use less bait
luring takes slightly less time than magnetic, but you will need more bait

so its just up to if im up to waiting or not
ok ill use magnetic

No, luring magnetic is more efficient to catch items so it’s if you can buy bait which costs like 3 crowns.

i had bad experinces with magnetic rod so me is use luring

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