What is one thing you wish you want in AO

Ofc it not out yet but we did get a ton of info about AO
What is the one thing you wish to have in AO
(Badges, Items, joining guilds, leaderboard, anything like tf)
Open testing 3rd badge :nod:


Cast animation:Bang



a crapton of premade rare enemies/bosses with common unique drops, the rarity would be the specific boss itself not the droprate

and let the Blizzard magic create platforms in theveater

A lost magic as my first mind.

Iris is a cheat.

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s*x :flushed:


mud magic

a competitive guild leaderboard and variety to playstyles
Nowadays it simply doesnt exist

Traps,I have experience


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open testing for AO :nod:


Apocalypse Bringer

More stamina

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I wish for my first file to spontaneously obtain Death Magic upon release

I wish for lunar magic scroll one day. I will fish or trade to the end of the world for lunar magic. It is the only thing similar enough to ink for me.

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play the game

notable players/pvpers becoming ingame minibosses

Yea I want a bunch of really unique NPCs that we can fight, especially in the dark seas.
Hopefully they are challenging and enjoyable to fight as well.

Bosses that are actually balanced and a storyline that doesn’t have terrible scaling in terms of challenge and levels COUGH COUGH AA AND AR COUGH COUGH

Betex is going to delete it out of spite one day