What is sacrifice magic gna be?

any1 realised darkness just gna be shadow magic but more draining, any1 realised death magic gna be darkness but wither effects. any1 realise equinox… nvm its not all shadow magic since it got light, so its like a double magic light + shadow. just imagine having equinox, light, shadow, darkness, and aether. but eh the real question is what is sacrifice magic gna be

magic that takes your own health to use iirc

…thats a con, what r the pros tho…


drawback stat but more too it and as a magic essentially. ur basically harming and breaking yourself down for dmg, speed, etc.

Powerful attacks that sacrifice your own health

energy magic that takes your own health to make more powerful attacks. Basically drawback stat but on a magic.

god bless viatlity build

paladins prospering

wardens winning

mages malding

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pure mages after casting one sacrifice spell
Bryan Cranston Walter White Breaking Bad Face Facial expression Head Forehead Human Nose

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“welp there goes 93% of all my hp, hopefully I hurt that paladin good!”

paladin almost instantly regenerates because of the scaling thing


:skull: dat wud be tuff

blood magic

Wardens when they remember they cant use magic because vetex

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Wardens 100% losing

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Fr, wardens worst class

At least until spirit weapons happen. Which won’t be on release.

Wardens when spirit weapons never get added

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paladins :joy:

true all they got is what? more hp and a weapon thats not accessible until like a month after release