What is the most boring magic in your opinion

bro thought he was the avatar :skull:

they’re all kinda boring ngl

and here i thought my fire/lightning mage was exotic

im gonna rant, might be a shit take or not idc but i don’t find magics boring necessarily because of their vfx, i find them boring because their quirks and differences are only defined by a numbers game and synergys. I think its great magics can clear status effects and deal more damage based on synergy but imo it isn’t enough and theres missed potential on what they could do.

Fire magic could have better ground area of denial with flames that spread depending on the surface its burning on. Fire doesn’t spread across ground and it doesnt even go out in rainy weather. Having a higher body temperature should decrease stamina regen.

Explosion magic upon hitting temporarily gives you tinnitus and slight vision blur. If it hits the environment, it can create rock or wood shrapnel that can deal damage to nearby players.

You also shouldnt be able to run as fast or jump as high on sand & snow puddles because the ground isn’t very solid.

being in an ash or poison cloud makes it harder to get oxygen thus decreasing stamina regen.

Im not saying these ideas are great or feasible to add but you get the point, it just feels like they don’t have alot of impact on the environment around them and don’t have alot of quirks that aren’t defined purely by numbers.

thank you for listening to my ted talk

I see lightning way too much when playing

You should make a suggestion




its not necessarily a hot take but it’s gotten so used it’s boring

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I can’t help it, I just really love lightning. the vfx are FIRE :fire: :fire: :fire:

bro’s taste is valid all i’m hearing is slander from you lightning nonbeliever

Lightning “drip” is literally skinny neon bricks with stock pngs of electricity :fr:

(not that magma or any other magic is different but at least it tries to look special)

Man we’re freezing to death in here

you could reduce any vfx to “just some pixels on a screen” :roll_eyes:

you could reduce literally anything on a digital device to “just some pixels on a screen” :roll_eyes: