What is the most underrated game you know

What games do you think are underrated, just a quick survey because im bored
In my opinion Hollow Knight & OMORI are criminally underrateed

Titanfall 2 :))


snail bob?

World of Magic

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Realm of the 9 Portals, best horror game on roblox

Dwarf Fortress

Tbh, Arcane Odyssey will be the best game on Roblox (In my opinion). :v:

And I somehow still feel it will get very few players, similar to WoM… I hope that doesn’t happen, ha.



yet its still entertaining to play-

Blox Cards - Roblox

i’ve played that before but RNGjesus didn’t smile down on me so i got bad kards

entry point on roblox

Crash Bandicoot on the psp.

super golf

I play a lot of not-so-very popular games both in Roblox and outside of Roblox


  • Entry Point (good story, fun gameplay, energetic soundtrack)
  • Split (creative puzzles, might be hard but really interesting to check out, gives a little bit of portal vibes)
  • Adventure Forward 2 (basically super mario 64 but roblox obby style, REALLY fun)
  • DO NOTHING SIMULATOR (the best game on roblox, made by bitia/BitRypr (me); you do literally nothing in this game to get “ego points”; please give me money)

Other :

  • Omori (good gameplay, awesome artstyle, creative and perfect story; the 2nd game that has almost made me cry from the story; had a hard time sleeping after beating this game because of how fucked up the last part of the story was)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Explorers of Sky (good storytelling with strong character development, and basically infinite gameplay; the 1st game that has almost made me cry from the story)
  • OneShot (good story, insanely creative gimmicks that i cannot explain due to spoilers)
  • Baba Is You (the best puzzle game OF ALL TIME with the most creative yet TOUGH puzzles yet, beating the main island is literally only the start of the game and it tricks you into believing it was the true ending)
  • Geometry Dash (its not just a rage platformer; there is literally no limit to this game with the amount of possibilities from online levels, played this game for 4 years already and still not bored)

Blockland (November 15, 2004 is the date of which it was first made) (1,800 hours of gameplay possible in Blockland, since that’s how much I have), and thusly its spiritual predecessor Brickadia which has a lot of hope.

Both games are sandbox lego building games, where Blockland (It’s dead now, RIP) had huge mod support and I’m waiting for simple scripting in Brickadia.

Snakebird. Best puzzle game. Better than Baba is you.

Axiom Verge is also great. Best metroidvania.