What is the most valuable boss drop as of the current meta

Just asking cause I don’t know.

well, combat wise, i would probably say exiled armour for defense and oathkeeper for attacking
or pretty much any exiled drop tbh

Exiled Armour is dogwater, but, if you’re going for a weapon build, minotaur armour could be good.

Oathkeeper, no questions asked

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Uh… idk personally I think the wall of jericho is by far the most useful boss drop for magic mains, which is basically everyone currently
But for some reason people still seem to think the oathkeeper is the most valuable one

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jericho, by far, is the best of the boss drops right now

as of rn in terms of value exiled gear> mino gear
for exiled: oath>woj>chest> helmet and leggings
for minotaur: axe>chest>helmet and boots

Oath currently is the most valuable boss drop even tho as wapingkoo said wojs are more useful a majority of the time. But if you want something to rip noobs off then an oathkeeper is your best bet

exiled’s woj and oath are by far the best weapon drops. minotaur armor is amazing too

That’s wrong it’s Mino>Exiled for gear

Exiled has literally no use while Mino gear has somewhat of a use


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Its not wrong lmfao. Exiled gear is still worth more than mino gear. You can easily get mino gear compared to exiled gear. I do fully agree that mino gear is far far far more useful. Doesnt mean its instantly more valuable tho

Wall of Jericho. It’s the only one that wasn’t nerfed (it’s a shield, not a weapon) and is the most powerful shield in the game.

Probably Hard Vastira too, nice blocking power for a weapon.

Exiled Armor due to it’s defense (unless you have sunkens but bosses don’t drop sunkens so no)

May as well add Minotaur’s Armor: provides strength and agility. Basically move quicker and hit a bit harder.

just my opinion

For practicality, go for Mino loot. For looks and aesthetics, go for Exiled loot.


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