What is the point of guilds?

What are the point of guilds? Because for me, I cant use the “guild” option the the menu, and was wondering what they are used for.

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guilds are for teaming up with friends and capturing regions but guilds have not been added into the game yet that is why you cannot click on it.

Thanks for informing me

guilds will have tons of cool features when the guild update drops, stuff like guild halls, region capturing, guild leaderboards, guild banks, guild vs guild quests, and quest boards where you can see all the quests in the server and accept them remotely from your guild hall.

plus they serve as a group of people to just play the game with

the point of guilds is to be as annoying and toxic as possible in massive groups in order to apparently become the “strongest”. The general definition of “strongest” to these people is to spit on lower level players and think that they’re good at the game.
don’t even bother joining one

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I doubt guild v guild quests will be added in the first Guilds update.

yeah i kinda forgot i said “when the guild update drops” when writing that lol

guilds will definitely have like half that by then probs but overall guilds are going to have a ton of cool shit

guild leaderboard and infamy my dude

just because u had a bad experience with a few groups in some other game doesnt mean all of the groups in this game are going to be awful lol

I really just like the uniforms option.

I think thats a very unfair perspective on guilds. There are a few bad apples that ruin it - but not all guilds are like that.

you can fish with people

  1. you’re necromancing this post. it’s literally from 2 months ago.
  2. pretty sure fishing wasn’t even a thing back when this post was made.

did someone say necromancer

the romancer