What is your fastest time killing a boss?

My personal best for minotaur is 16 seconds
never tried for exiled tho

like 6 - 10 seconds

bosses are hard when

how the hell do you take down the Mino in 6 seconds?

20 blast all hits

i managed to kill an exiled before he reached me, so that’s like around 10 seconds at minimum

mines was like half a second

I attacked minotaur
he jumped into the air
landed in the water
and boom he dead

Like 25 seconds for Exiled. Got Shield :sunglasses:

3-5 seconds killing exiled
found a method to cheese it without it fighting back

im an iron user and if i get a 20 barrage to max charge it does over 100 damage per shot

also pls tell

3 seconds

I used to be able to beat them in like 15 seconds back when fire S tier. Usually three well placed small multi shots would do the trick

exiled/mino speedrun any%

50 seconds. Mino slipped into the ocean and fucking drowned

less than a second
someone died to exiled and he had around 3hp left :mariomug:

Meanwhile Vetex killing the Minotaur and Exiled in 0 seconds by deleting them from existence in AO:

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2 second, I hit it once and then it dashed into the ocean

I feel like this will be British people when they can go on holiday again

they spam jump though